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The Illusion of Democracy and Freedom Series - How to Profit from Key Mega-Trends

Charting humanities trend from an inconsequential african ape towards god hood and how to profit from investing in the key mega-trends such as machine intelligence.

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1 Evolution
The Big Bang Explained - How the Universe Began and How it will End (1.1)

The Killer Ape, Human Evolution, Artificial Intelligence and Extinction End Game (1.2)
Human Evolution - 2 Million Years of Increasing Brain Size (1.3)

2 Religion

The First Prophet - Adam and Eve, The Day God First Spoke to Man (2.1)
The Truth About Religion - Does God Exist? (2.2)
The Age of Religion - Judaism, Christianity and Islam Science Secrets Revealed (2.3)
Drone Wars, Nuclear Weapons and End Time Prophecy

3 Serfdom and Control

UK General Election Results Forecast May 2015 - Conservative Win
War on Cash - Bank of England Planning Hyper QE, Scrapping Cash for Digital Currency
George Osborne's UK Treasury BrExit Dodgy Dossier Latest Remain Propaganda

BBC EU Referendum Result 10pm to 6am Highlights - YouGov, Markets, Bookmakers ALL WRONG!
US Presidential Election 2016 Forecast - Trump or Hillary Win? Find out...
Trump Presidency Reality
US Election Panic
US Election Delirium

4 Attaining Freedom

Trading Chaos Theory Market Fractals - Nadeem Walayat's Real Secrets For Successful Trading
BrExit Morning - June 24th 2016, a New Dawn, New Life for Britain Outside EU

EU Referendum BreExit Win as British People Battle Against Establishment Elite, Bankers
BrExit the Movie: EU Referendum June 23rd - Britain's LAST Chance for Freedom! (4.x)
Trading Stock Market Crash
US Election forecast 2016

5 Future Forecasts

The Stocks Stealth Bull Market Forecast 2013 and Beyond
US Housing Market House Prices Forecast 2013-2016

UK House Prices Forecast 2014 to 2018 - Election Economic Boom
Africa Population Explosion - Why Europe's Migrant Crisis is Going to Get A Lot Worse
London Housing Market Crisis, House Prices Forecast 2016-2018
Crude Oil Price Forecasting Stock Market NEW All Time Highs after Correction
Stocks Bull Market Climbs Wall of Worry, Bubble? When Will it End?
Get Ready for the Future - Exponential Machine Intelligence Mega-trend towards Singularity
Trump Delirium Triggers Stock Market Brexit Upwards Crash Towards Dow 20,000!
Gold Bullion Price Buying Opportunity for 2017
Silver Bullion Price Buying Opportunity for 2017?
These Stocks Bull Market Delights Could Have Violent Bear Market Ends

By Nadeem Walayat

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