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The following are a selection of economic and financial markets analysis online video's.

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UK General Election Forecast 20155th Mar 2015

Answering who will win the 2015 UK General Election.

Find out what the impact will be of the SNP insurgency determined to disintegrate the United Kingdom, Liberal Democrats meltdown following betray of solemn pledges (tuition fees), UKIP profiting from continuing out of control immigration, unemployment falling to a 6 year low, and the housing market sentiment driven mini-economic boom as this analysis concludes in a detailed UK general election seats per party forecast including who will form the next UK government.

This video is based on the following in-depth analysis -

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

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The Big Bang - How the Universe Began and How it will End11th Feb 2015

In this educational video I explain how the universe began with the Big Bang, how this was discovered by Edwin Hubble and what it means for the future End of the universe.

This video is especially suitable for children, and forms the first part of series of science & learning videos.

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Moses Was a Terrorist - Egyptian Empire vs the U.S. Empire and Today's Islamic Freedom Fighting Terrorists6th Feb 2015

"In an interview with ABC’s Nightline, Christian Bale described his Exodus: Gods and Kings character Moses as a “freedom fighter” and a “terrorist” against the slaveholding Egyptian empire.

Enter Fox & Friends with a segment ridiculing the actor’s comments part of their regular “Fight for Faith” segment (normally reserved for stories on the persecution of Christians and/or Todd Starnes).

“[He was] absolutely seen as a freedom fighter,” Bale said. “A terrorist, in terms of the Egyptian empire. What would happen to Moses if he arrived today? Drones would turn out after him, right?”

“He certainly wasn’t thinking about drones,” Father Jonathan Morris reacted Tuesday morning on Fox. The priest attempted to rationalize Bale’s thoughts, noting that the actor likely meant to describe Mose’s aggressive tactics in freeing the Hebrew slaves."* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

Stock Market Trend Forecast 20155th Feb 2015

The stocks bull market trend drove to a series of new all time highs during 2014, ending up for the sixth year in a row at Dow 17,823. So another year where the always imminent market crash and new bear market reverse gear courtesy of a string of crisis events from the euro-zone depression to the End of Fed QE fatal accidents just never materialised. In this video I conclude in detailed trend forecast for stock market for 2015.

So find out if 2015 will be the seventh year when my simple investing strategy could once more pay off -

"Greater the deviation from the stock market high then the greater the buying opportunity presented."

This video is based on in-depth analysis at -

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